Family Photos Made Easy

Family photos are so very important, yet on the day it might be easy to forget someone.  The idea to have family photos with every person at your wedding is fantastic, the actual deed, can be the hardest part of your wedding day! Have an epic MC who is good as bossing people around and knows who the people are in the family photos!

Tip #1 Keep the list as small as possible, don’t go for too many combinations as it starts to get confusing.  Tip #2 Nominate someone to help get your families into these shots (the MC usually) but can be a friend too!  Tip #3 Have a these straight after you have been congratulated as people tend to wander for food, toilet and drinks! Tip #4 Have a really good MC! They will be the ones in charge and need a loud voice or know how to wrangle people. A MIC is usually the best option and make sure you write peoples names on the list, not just simply “mum” or “Aunty” etc.\

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