“Unplugged” Wedding

So often we see so many of your family and friends looking at you through camera screens, an iphone or even standing in front of us, just to capture a picture.  When you pay us your hard earned money, we obviously want to give you the best photos we possibly can.

The idea of an Unplugged Wedding is where you ask guests to kindly not take any photos during the ceremony and better yet, don’t load any from the day on social media until you have your photos back from us.  That means the first photos everyone will see are the best ones.

Plus we usually tag you in a few photos a few days after the Wedding anyway!

Also,  we want to see your guests pretty faces! We love to capture moments of Mum, Dad, Grandma etc having a little cry or a smile. It’s such a shame if they are holding a camera up instead of being fully present in your moment.

A good article on unplugged Weddings can be read here
But have a think about it. One of our lovely brides had her guests not use their cellphones the whole day of the Wedding. Which was a shock to some, but really made everyone present and actually have many more professional photos from us!

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