Plan for light – Golden Hour is a must!

So many really great moments are happening and good lighting can help capture them in a more elegant way.

  • Large windows & light spaces – when getting ready.
  • At the reception avoid red and orange up lights during speeches or dancing – they are hard to fix after we leave! Stick to the normal dim lights & when its time to dance – make sure to get those green, yellow & blue DJ lights going (they make our photos crazy awesome!)
  • 10-3pm is a crazy harsh sunlight time of day. Shadows & heat are all around. Plan to do things after or before this time or we can look for shady places we can hide that have interesting back drops!
  • Golden hour – a must! Allow 20 minutes for this (it will be SO worth it!) Sunset in the summertime can vary in time but we LOVE love love, to take you out in it.
  • Autumn/Winter Weddings – the sun goes down a lot earlier!

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